Existential Burdens - Overview

Video on the five existential burdens of isolation, mortality, meaninglessness, responsibility and spiritual emptiness.

Existential Burdens - Burden of Isolation

How to deal with felt isolation and the lack of being connected.  How to become more authentic.

Existential Burdens - Meaninglessness

We all question the meaning of life and our value.  What can we do to lessen this troubling burden?

Existential Burdens - Burden of Responsibility

The burden of free choice and personal responsibility.  How do we choose wisely?

Existential Burdens - Burden of Mortality

Video on the burden of mortality.  The impact of the reality of death and mortality on daily life.  The development and dangers of denial and solutions to the burden of mortality.

Burden of Spiritual Emptiness

What is spiritual emptiness and how does it affect your life?  

The Image - Relationship

Relationship as part of the image of God in man.  What does this mean and how can it grow and develop?

The Image - Substantial Value

Where do we get our value as humans?  This video looks at the value we have because we have the image of God.