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What is resilience? Is it possible to become more resilient? What can destroy or fracture your resilience?

Four decades of medical practice has brought me face to face with thousands of different people. You might say I have spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness of human despair, fear and confusion. Some of these people were very resilient but most were not. From each of these individuals, I have had an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons on resiliency. Now I am working as the medical director of a drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program in Oregon. If there is a group in our society that needs an extra measure of resilience it is those who struggle with the disease of addiction. Our modern society, with all its conveniences, has led to the development of a culture of altered expectations and very low resiliency. No wonder we have a growing problem with drug and alcohol abuse. 

My plan is to fill this web site with a lot of little helpful nuggets that have been observed to work with many others and hopefully they will help along life’s unpredictable road to building greater resilience and that this can lead to spiritual insights that will foster lifelong meaningful change.

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