The word resilience comes from the Latin word resilientm which means “inclined to leap or spring back”.  Resilience is the ability to get knocked down and then get back up again, it is the power of recovery.  For an elastic band, resilience is the ability for that object to be stretched and then return to its original length – unless it is stretched too often.  For human beings, resilience is the power and ability to get back to a predefined normal state – unless stretched too often when either a new norm is put in place or life is lived in despair.   When this ability is functioning well all seems to be OK, the status quo is reached and we feel at peace.   The purpose of these videos are to explore different areas where we can build resilience that has been broken by life's many stresses and trauma.  The source of the material comes from 4 decades of medical practice and the life giving and resilience building principles found in the Bible.